Ukrainian Emergency
Performing Arts Fund

Support independent scene performing artists staying in Ukraine during the time of war

Solidarity and Support statement

Dear friends, colleagues and performing arts (dance and theater) lovers from all over the world.

War, terror and genocide of Russia in Ukraine is a global challenge shaping our global future at this very moment. In this situation performing artists in Ukraine have a strong will to stay and to help in any possible way. We are defending our freedom, the sovereignty of our country, while standing for the global peace and dealing with the terror of Russia on Ukrainian soil preventing it from spreading to the rest of the world. We feel the global wave of solidarity from the international community while strongly and structurally relying on your help in this critical situation.

Performance art depends on a strong connection with the society and even in peaceful times is very precare. In the time of war, the artists staying in Ukraine don’t have options to make a living from giving classes, performing or from other regular jobs. The only way of surviving today is to live from rapidly evaporating or non-existent savings and mutual support which includes sharing food and donations to the initiatives in our frameworks.   This is crucial for being able to deal with the urgency of the situations. We clearly understand that we’ll have no private resources very soon.

To organise ways of supporting the artists that stay on the territory of Ukraine in time of war, me and the team of Ruban Production ITP made a decision to create “Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund” on the basis of non-profit CO “Impulse Transformation Platform”. We opened two separate accounts in EUR and USD to collect funds. These donations will allow us to provide emergency microgrant help of 8000 UAH (aproximately 250€) to each Ukrainian artist (dance and theater domain) from independent scene staying in Ukraine, upon their request.

This landing page is created specifically to publish a quick simple application request-form for Ukrainian artists to obtain microgrants, as well actual information about donations received (grouped by country) and the amount of the artists that already got support.

On this page you may find also useful links (below) on how to support Ukrainian artists beyond the performing arts domain, indeed other ways of support.


Feel free to contact us for providing you all necessary information.


Also don’t hesitate to propose any form of cooperation or collaboration that:

– could help our actual performing arts scene to be supported in time of war;

– or to be presented abroad for it’s better visibility and charitable fundraising events;


Stand with Ukraine. Thank you for your support! 💛💙



Viktor Ruban, choreographer, performer, researcher, co-founder of CO “ICF Impulse Transformation Platform”, director general of Ruban Production ITP

For any questions, proves or whatever necessary information please contact me directly via Facebook, e-mail, or telegram

Donations received (by countries):

238 EUR
3108 EUR
170 EUR
560 EUR
75 EUR
100 EUR
96,91 EUR
220 EUR
290,87 EUR
30783,82 EUR
17367,50 UAH and 88,52 EUR
17661,60 EUR and 15600 USD
394 EUR
490 EUR
Puerto Rico
440,78 EUR
500 EUR
New Zeland
58,63 EUR
150 EUR
6602,29 EUR
6598,50 EUR
113,74 EUR
60 EUR
3200 EUR

Support statistics

Donations received: 72000,10 EUR, 15600 USD and 17367,50 UAH (from 23 countries)

Overall amount of requests for support - 741 (from 73 towns and cities in Ukraine)

In process - 128 awaiting for receiving funds

Received support - 207

(actual information on 10/08/2022, 13:00)