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Performing Arts Fund

Our Path to Freedom charitable project

On January 19, 2023, the Ukrainian band “Radz” released a track featuring the legends of the rock scene. World-class stars Steve Hackett (former member of ”Genesis”), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson Band) and Phil Manzanera (“Roxy Music”, David Gilmour Band) took part in the recording of the instrumental composition called “Our Path To Freedom” along with famous Ukrainian musicians – Denys Hlinin and Milos Jelic (“Okean Elzy”), Denys Shvets (ex-“Antytila”, “And my friend is who is a truck…”) and others.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have suffered. They were forced to leave their homes, families, and jobs. Many have lost almost everything in life…

We, the authors and performers of this composition, as people of art, understand and recognize the power and importance of art in these difficult times: it is critically necessary for an artist to continue their activity in order to reflect on the present, as well as to create something that will spark hope in our hearts and give us strength to build the best future for ourselves. This is Our Path to Freedom.

In cooperation with the non-profit CO “Impulse Transformation Platform” and the team of Ruban Production ITP as part of the “Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund” initiative, we have launched a charitable project “Our Path to Freedom”.


All funds collected from the track sales and related charitable contributions will go to support the cultural community of Ukraine for the following purposes:

  • to support independent Ukrainian artists who found themselves in a difficult situation due to the war;
  • for the restoration of museums, theaters, art schools and music schools that suffered as a result of the war;
  • to support artists and organizations that organize cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, shows and performances to promote Ukraine and Ukrainian art in the world;


Full reports on funds transferred for the needs of the cultural community of Ukraine will be published here, as well as on the official Facebook page of the “Radz” Band. Feel free to contact us for providing you all necessary information via e-mail (



Dmytro Radzetskyi (“Radz”), representative of “Our Path to Freedom” charitable project:

We created this music with my friend and composer Maxim Kolomiiets eight years ago in Kyiv for the children’s play “In Search of a Hero”. This melody always touched me with its hope, light and optimism. At the end of February 2022, at the very beginning of the war, my family and I stayed in Kyiv and I couldn’t help but recall this melody – I felt victory, strength and truth in it. I wanted to do it again, but make it more special. So, I invited my musician friends from different parts of Ukraine to record “Our Path To Freedom”. And I am very grateful that a couple of world stars agreed to contribute to the track with solo recordings – Steve Hackett, Adam Holzman and Phil Manzanera.

For any questions, proves or whatever necessary information don’t hesitate to contact me directly via Facebook, e-mail, or telegram  


Stand with Ukraine. Thank you for your support and solidarity! 💙💛  


From participants and supporting partners

Steve Hackett (Ex-”Genesis”)

It was a pleasure to play on the track “Our Path to Freedom” and my thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

Adam Holzman (Miles Davis Band):

I’m very happy to contribute something to Ukraine during this crisis so I hope this helps some folks.

Phil Manzanera (“Roxy Music”):

The stories of Dmytro Radzetskyi and other musicians really touched me, so I agreed straight away. I played some guitar parts. The track turned out absolutely beautiful and inspirational, and to have all these fantastic musicians on it as well was a real joy and pleasure for me.


Denys Hlinin – drums

Milos Jelic – keyboards

Misha Lysenko – keyboards

Oleh Pakhomov – orchestral percussionist

Dmytro Radzetskyi – rhythm guitar, piano, percussion, 8-string MIDI Radz-guitar, keyboards

Serhii Radzetskyi – bass guitar

Yurii Radzetskyi – classical guitar

Arina Shapochkina – flute

Denys Shvets – electronic drums

Max Velychko – electric guitar

Special guests:

Steve Hackett – guitar

Adam Holzman – keyboards

Phil Manzanera – guitar

Music by – Maxim Kolomiiets and Dmytro Radzetskyi

Mixing, mastering – Ihor Pryhorovskyi

Arranged and produced by Dmytro Radzetskyi

Created in Kyiv (March-June 2022).

Design – Daria Doroshenko

Translation – Alina Harmash

PR manager – Maria Glazunova

Where to listen:

On itunes, spotify, youtube music, deezer, tiktok music etc 

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How to support:

Purchase the track

or via Pay Pal – through the personal payments option via linked e-mail -/ or a phone number / +380 66 820 1648 (with note “Our Path to Freedom donation”)

To make donations in different currencies via transfer – UAH, USD, EUR, GBP  – full information is here)

Donations received (by countries):

3756,80 EUR
3808 EUR
170 EUR
560 EUR
75 EUR
100 EUR
463,52 EUR
220 EUR
290,87 EUR
65783,82 EUR
18117,50 UAH and 88,52 EUR
18843,78 EUR and 16419,20 USD
1841,49 EUR
490 EUR
Puerto Rico
440,78 EUR
500 EUR
New Zeland
58,63 EUR
150 EUR
21602,29 EUR
6598,50 EUR
113,74 EUR
60 EUR
3200 EUR

Support statistics

Donations received and redistributed upon requests: 129215,74 EUR, 16419,20 USD and 18117,50 UAH (from 23 countries)

Overall amount of requested support within the program 1 as Emergency relief support to artists in Ukraine  - 741 (from 73 towns and cities in Ukraine)

Fundraised for the ongoing program 2 - Support for creators staying in Ukraine

10417,47 EUR (goal amount - 120000 EUR - to support 30 artistic groups and their new projects)

(actual information on 11/02/2023, 13:30)